A-Z about What a Bride and Groom need to do when Creating a Registry

A-Z about …What a Bride and Groom need to do when Creating a Registry


  1. Where and when to register

  2. How to select your patterns

  3. What and how much do you really need

Will you marry me, he asked and you said: Yes!

Now all the bells are ringing! Excitement, wedding plans, when, where, who to invite, wedding gown, budget, announcements, invitations, honeymoon and on and on, and …of course, the  “Bridal Registry”.

You grew up and always admired your mom’s beautifully set table for these special occasions, with friends and family and realize that now is the perfect time to create your own table décor for you, your husband and children to come.

What did you like so much about your family’s fine china, stemware, flatware and lighting when growing up?

What is or was the particular kind of china, porcelain, fine china, fine bone china or stoneware?

What particular brand name, maybe Wedgwood, Rosenthal, Haviland, Bernardaud, Herend, Pickard, or maybe Lenox?

What colors, was it all white, gold or platinum accented or modern, traditional, crazy colors and shapes?

What drink-ware did mom and dad use to serve their delicious wine and beverages during these events?

What flatware was used to feast during these memorable dinners at those happy events?

What was or is the stainless steel, or sterling silver that you always loved so much?

What candle holders were used, were they made of porcelain, sterling or crystal?

What kind of chandelier crowns your parents table?

What was the maximum of people you remember on these festive dinners gatherings?

With all this in mind you are well on your way and ready to start the creation of your own bridal Registry. Contact parkavegifts.com and let us help you select your fine china, drink-ware and flatware. Consider to register at least 6 months prior to your wedding day so your friends and family know your selections in time for your engagement and shower plus can plan your wedding gift well in advance. We are more than happy to help you every step along the way to ascertain your choices of colors, material and quantities of items. We help you to consider price ranges and list your selections in such a way that it is affordable to any of your guests. For example, instead of listing full 5 piece place settings we will list items individually to fit anyone’s budget. Someone may only want to purchase a dinner plate and a cup and saucer, leaving the bread and salad plate for someone else to buy, still making sure that the full place setting will be yours at your wedding. You may not really need the bread plate or prefer a substitute for the salad plate with a pattern that is all together different but acts as an accent plate and makes your selection more creative and in your own creation. Based on your size of your family and entertainment habits you may not need 12 of every set and 8 or even 6 is the right quantity for you. Every Bride has a different need and imagination and we are here to help and find the right way for you.

We are happy to hold orders and gifts in our warehouse and ship all at once if his is best for you. We will send you a gift card of each item so you can send your Thank You Notes and always know exactly what was sold and what is still available for purchase. In dealing with fine china and tableware you need to be aware that certain patterns are not always in stock and may need several weeks for delivery, but we will always keep you informed.

If any questions jut call us at  631-673-0404

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