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Flatware set

When selecting a set of Flatware you need to consider quite a few facts before making a decision. Are you shopping for a set of sterling flatware, silver plated flatware or stainless steel? Obviously there is a big difference in cost, style, weight and feel, just to mention a few considerations.
Choosing a set of flatware that not only looks appealing, but that also feels “right” in your hand—balanced, properly weighted—is a complex issue and a highly personal concern. Picking up a poorly designed fork or knife is like receiving a bad handshake that causes an almost visceral negative reaction. Great flatware not only needs to be pleasant to use, but in a style that will be viable for decades and made of sturdy enough material to withstand daily use and washing. The visual appeal, how the individual pieces feel in the hand and mouth, and their materials. Naturally, the flatware set needs to be compatible and harmonize with your chinaware, glassware and your overall décor. All needs to be coordinated and compliment one another. Stainless flatware generally is used on a daily table setting, tends to be more casual, is dishwasher safe and is stored in your regular flatware drawer. Silver plated and sterling flatware is a different matter and may need to be hand washed and polished from time to time and often times has its own chest where it may be stored air tied and in a way where individual pieces do not touch each other and therefore won’t easily stretch. You should also buy enough place settings to serve every one including your children for occasions such as Thanksgiving, basic holidays with all your family members and friends. The usual rule of thumb is 12 but you will make your own calculation. Certain patterns may get discontinued and you might have a hard time replacing or adding pieces to your pattern. Don’t forget serving pieces such as serving forks and serving spoons, gravy ladles etc. A good advice is to ask your mom, she knows best.