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 Drinkware Sets

Well this is a very large category and choosing the right set for your table setting is pretty overwhelming.
Since we are in the fine china and fine tabletop business, we would suggest to you to select your drink ware to harmonize with your chinaware. These most important glasses then would be you basics: red wine glasses and white wine glasses, followed by the water goblet which actually serves very well as a red wine glass as well and the ice beverage glass for beer or other beverages. Don’t forget the champagne glasses, which in our opinion might be a separate design, as these are often used to toast an occasion before your guests are seated and therefore are for a special toast and do not necessarily need to coordinate with your table setting. However, often times, it is quite normal and usual to set your table with three or more glasses accompanying your china and flatware setting. After your dinner and with your dessert serving, you might consider after-dinner drinks such as cognac, aperitif or liqueur and there again you might decide on selecting a pattern which does not have to match your initial drinkware setting. It is a very personal decision in choosing your drink ware patterns and in our opinion there is no firm rule to follow as long as these glasses harmonize with your overall table setting. Commonly fine crystal is used for these settings and the selections for these are plentiful. We suggest a name brand manufacturer such as Waterford, Baccarat or Lalique as these manufacturers as well as other hi-end firms do not change their patterns very often and you likely are able to replace glasses more readily. However, do not take our word for it because these companies do replace and discontinue some patterns.