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Bernardaud Dinnerware

Bernardaud, an icon of the grand tradition of excellence based in Limoges France embodies one of the most innovative spirits among French luxury China producing manufacturers today. Bernardaud is a trend setter in the design of porcelain collections in traditional, contemporary and in the modern art of entertainment. It may appear very delicate, but in reality, this fine porcelain is extremely strong and resilient. Bernardaud porcelain is fired at very high temperatures and so eliminating any porosity and therefore resulting in very hard durability and translucency. Only the finest quality of gold and platinum grates are used to decorate the many patterns Bernardaud offers. The gold and platinum used are between 20 and 24 carat. All Bernardaud patterns are dishwasher safe and will emerge sparkling clean and shiny afterwards. You should not expose this china from very hot to cool temperatures as it may crack in extreme cases. Any pattern with gold or platinum décor should not be put in the microwave. You may heat your dishes in the oven of up to 300 C degrees and they will withstand this without any concerns. Bernardaud without a doubt is a trendsetter in design, colors, shapes and finesse.

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