Porcelain Perfection

Porcelain Perfection

Porcelain Perfection Porcelain Perfection Porcelain
Porcelain Perfection


Behind every Lladro piece is exceptional artistry and an extensive labor process. Since its birth in 1953, this Spanish company had been creating fascinating art porcelain figurines renowned the world over. While it’s true that every artwork begins with inspiration, Lladro sculptors embark on a meticulous procedure involving study and hard work to successfully bring forth an artistic vision into reality. Commencing from the very first artist’s sketch, the sculptor produces the prototype in clay, which is then subjected to the thorough study by Lladro’s Creative department. The clay’s plaster version is then made to function as the initial mold to arrive at the final mold. Intricate figurines may require hundreds of individual molds just to create each individual piece! And once all the parts of a particular design are made and assembled, the decoration stage begins, which involves another set of complicated activities like polishing, painting, etc. It is then cooked in a kiln and subjected to strict quality control. Well, that’s perfection through talent and hard work.

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