7 Famous People Who Bought Herend Porcelain Ware

 Herend Porcelain ware, dinner, coffee and tea sets are very popular not just among everyday people but famous people, like celebrities and royal families as well. Those who like style, uniqueness, affordable luxury and traditional or modern-style porcelain ware, prefer investing in a long-lasting, quality porcelain set. The below royal personalities and celebrities also have – at least one – set of Herend porcelain ware at home.

Herend Porcelain 7 Famous People Who Bought Herend Porcelain Ware herend porcelain
Herend Porcelain

Queen Victoria of Great Britain

In 1851, at the first World’s Fair in London Queen Victoria of Great Britain bought a large dinner set for the Windsor Castle. She chose a “Far-Eastern” pattern – now called Victoria Décor – that depicts colorful butterflies and peonies. With this pattern the Herend Porcelain Manufacture won the Grand Prix award. Herend porcelain ware became famous all around the world thanks to this décor.

Baron Rothschild Family

In the 1850s, the members of the Baron Rothschild family fell in love with bird-patterned Herend porcelain ware, thus ordered a collection. The family was an important customer and patron of the manufacture. In honor of the family, the bird pattern – the birds symbolize love and relationships – was named Rothschild décor in 1861.

Count Albert Apponyi

Count Albert Apponyi (1846-1933) also loved Herend porcelain ware, and a decor was named after him as well. Apponyi decor is a unicolor floral pattern in green, pink, blue or other colors. He was a returning customer of Herend. He needed a simple, but aesthetic set for a huge fest for several dozen persons. Herend offered him to have a simplified version of Indian Basket, as the time was short. He agreed, and Herend could deliver the huge set on time.

Franz Joseph I of Austria

The Emperor loved simple patterns, like the Laurel Garland Décor. A dinner set of this pattern were used by him in Buda Castle.

Empress Elisabeth of Austria

The wife of the Emperor, Empress Elisabeth of Austria also loved Herend porcelain ware. She used a set with a chinoisere pattern (Siang Rouge Décor) in her Gödöllő Castle, which later was named Gödöllő Pattern after the city.

Lady Diana

Princess of Wales Lady Diana chose a set with Rothschild décor for her wedding.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Austrian-born actor and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger likes Herend. He is a big collector of VH animal figures.

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